Looking to get your book in print but don’t know how?

self-publishingWhen self-publishing your book it can seem that writing it was the easy part. Not only must you now wrestle with formatting the text, and adding pictures you need to understand publishing jargon. You can find yourself encountering everything from PDFs to ISBNs!

Even for the computer ‘savvy’ it can be a minefield.

This is the part where we come into the story…

Using the experience gained from many years as a Senior Graphic Designer at a respected publishing company, Pixel Tweaks Publications can take the pain out of self-publishing. From advice about layout & size to setting up and outputting to PDF. Along with getting the book to print, we can even arrange the production of any promotional material to help spread the word.

Pixel Tweaks Publications and de Lacy Press are imprints of Pixel Tweaks, a well established Graphic Design business based in the ancient market town of Ulverston, on the edge of the English Lake District. We offer a one-to-one service and are happy to work with you every step of the way.

For an affordable price, we can produce a book from your manuscript. We prepare it to give to your printer of choice, or we can recommend a few alternatives including print-on-demand where there are no minimum run requirements. There’s an option to supply bookstores and online retailers (such as Amazon) directly via ‘dropshipping’ straight from the printers too. 

self-publishing We encourage a face-to-face meeting to start the project and to get a feel for the type of book you want to publish. The size, font, design etc. When we have enough information about the project we can give an estimated cost of production & print.

During the process, we like to keep the lines of communication open to produce the book you envision. We even encourage you to pop along and sit with us at the computer anytime you want a ‘hands-on’ session.

The result is the realisation of a publishing dream with a professionally produced book. Ideal for local interest authors, short print run authors or to ‘test the water’ before sending the book to a large publishing house. Once out in the wide world, you can soon recoup your initial costs and begin to make money from your literary creation. We can also convert your book for the digital market in a format for Kindle and other e-readers.

Contact us today for:

  • A free estimate

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  • Book production in simple steps

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