Self-Publishing? Looking to get your book in print but don’t know how?

Writing it was the ‘easy’ part, now you’re faced with the minefield of self-publishing – you suddenly need to get to grips with layout and text formatting, not to mention adding pictures and sorting out the contents page whilst encountering everything from PDFs to ISBNs!
Even for the computer ‘savvy’, it can be confusing.

Pixel Tweaks Publications is the imprint of Pixel Tweaks, an established Graphic Design business, managed by Senior Designer, Russell Holden. We count it a privilege to work with enthusiastic authors and assist them in seeing their literary dreams become a reality.

Self-publishing services

The self-publishing process is not as painful or as expensive as one might think and the whole process can take as little as two months to get from word processor to bookshelf. We offer a print-on-demand service which means a client can order any quantity of their book to distribute to local book shops, plus it will go onto online stores such as Amazon.
Up to the present day, we have produced scores of books, either under our imprint or for other publishers

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