What we do

Pixel Tweaks takes the pain out of self-publishing. From advice about layout & size to set up, cover design and outputting to PDF. Along with getting the book to print, we can even arrange the production of any promotional material to help spread the word.


How we do it

We can produce a book from your manuscript and prepare it to give to your printer of choice or recommend a few alternatives – including print-on-demand with no minimum run requirements. There’s an option to supply bookstores and online retailers (such as Amazon) directly via ‘dropshipping’ straight from the printers too.


The Process

We encourage a face-to-face meeting, if safe to do so, to chat about your project and get a feel for the type of book you want to publish. We discuss the size, font and general design ideas, and then we can give an estimated cost of production & print.
We like to keep the lines of communication open to produce the book you envision during the process.


your book

The self-publishing process isn’t as ‘painful’ or as expensive as one might think, and as long as everything is in place from the start, the whole process can take as little as six weeks to get from word processor to bookshelf.


The end result

The result is a professionally produced book. Ideal for local interest authors, short print run authors or to ‘test the water’ before sending the book to traditional publishers. Once the book is out in the wide world, you can soon recoup your initial costs and begin to make money from your literary creation. We can also convert your book for the digital market in a format for Kindle and other e-readers. We recently had a great write up about this on Judi Goodwin’s Unleash your Writing Power website.

Pixel Tweaks Publications: Transforming Your Word Doc into a Professional Book in Less than 4 Weeks

Are you an aspiring author looking to publish your book but struggling with the formatting and design aspects? Pixel Tweaks Publications is here to help you out! With our expert services, we can transform your manuscript into a professional-looking book in less than 4 weeks.


  • The challenges of publishing a book
  • The importance of professional design and formatting
  • How Pixel Tweaks Publications can help

Who Are We?

  • A brief introduction to Pixel Tweaks Publications
  • Our team and their expertise
  • Our services and what sets us apart

The Benefits of Working with Pixel Tweaks Publications

  • Customizable book design
  • Expert formatting services
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Access to industry knowledge and resources

How We Work

  • The process of working with Pixel Tweaks Publications
  • Steps we take to transform your manuscript into a professional book
  • Our commitment to open communication with our clients


  • Reviews and feedback from previous clients
  • Examples of successful projects we have completed

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to work with Pixel Tweaks Publications?
  2. How long does the process take?
  3. Do I retain the rights to my book?
  4. Can you help with marketing and distribution?
  5. What if I have specific design requests?


  • The value of investing in professional design and formatting for your book
  • How Pixel Tweaks Publications can help you achieve your publishing goals
  • Contact us today to learn more and get started!


Publishing a book can be a daunting task, especially if you are a first-time author. There are many challenges to overcome, from writing and editing to formatting and design. However, the latter can be particularly daunting for those who are not familiar with the technical aspects of book production. A poorly formatted or poorly designed book can detract from the quality of the writing and make it difficult for readers to engage with the content. That’s where Pixel Tweaks Publications comes in – we can help you transform your manuscript into a professional-looking book in less than 4 weeks.

Who Are We?

We specialise in book design and formatting services, with a focus on creating custom solutions that meet the unique needs of each project. Experts in the fields of graphic design, book production, and publishing, we can provide our clients with the highest level of service and expertise.

The Benefits of Working with Pixel Tweaks Publications

When you work with Pixel Tweaks Publications, you can expect a range of benefits that set us apart from other book design and formatting services. These benefits include:

Customizable Book Design

We understand that each book is unique, and we work closely with our clients to create custom designs that reflect the tone and style of their work. We offer a range of design options, from classic to contemporary, and can incorporate specific images or graphics to enhance the overall look and feel of the book.

Expert Formatting Services

Formatting a book for publication can be a complex process, with many technical details to consider. We have extensive experience in book formatting and can ensure that your manuscript meets all the necessary requirements for publication.

Faster Turnaround Time

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to publishing a book, which is why we offer a turnaround time of less than 4 weeks. (although this often depends on the scale of the project and proofing schedules).

Our Skills

We are pleased to offer a whole range of graphic design skills, with over 20 years experience in all aspects of book production, web design and artwork production.

Up until just a few short years ago, the only way to get published was to hope a publisher would take you on. But nowadays things have changed. Print on Demand and eBooks have been a real game-changer and have proved to be a turning point for the publishing world that started to work for everyone’s advantage.

When it comes to printing, we can advise according to your requirements. Of course, we will format an output PDF for print and assist in setting up an account with Ingram Spark if you are planning to print on demand. The advantage of this is the option to order any quantity of your book to distribute to local book shops, plus it will go onto online stores such as Amazon.

  • Book design
  • Graphic design
  • Author websites
  • Ebook Conversion
  • Print on demand
From Our Clients
Stuart Atkinson
Stuart Atkinson
Can't recommend Pixel Tweaks highly enough. Russell quickly and very efficiently converted an ebook I'd previously published into paperback format and helped me publish it, sorting out a couple of queries and glitches very quickly too. I'll definitely be using this company again!
peter sishton
peter sishton
Hand on heart, the service that Pixel Tweaks provided me was impressive. Consumately professional. From the start, I was given clear guidance and was able to articulate my needs and these were excelled. A brilliant service, and I would highly reccomend them! Thank you Russel Holden for a superb service, advice and guidance.
Russell is a very patient man. He is knowledgeable and generally a nice man to deal with. He is prompt in his replies to your questions and his fees are reasonable. I will certainly deal with him again
Julie Conrad
Julie Conrad
Pixel Tweaks is a reliable, creative agency. A friendly, personal service that meet the brief and the deadline. Russell formats my manuscripts, produces superb book covers for my novels. He set up my website amongst other things. Overall he achieves amazing results. An honest and competitive provider of creative services, that I would highly recommend.
Claire Cronshaw
Claire Cronshaw
Russell is a great graphic designer who really took on board my brief. Pixel Tweaks is an excellent name for his company and service because I already had a logo but it needed elevating. As a result of some careful and subtle adjustments, my logo is now extremely professional but still has personality. I love it and I've been getting great feedback about it. Russell will be my go-to guy for pixel tweaks in the future. He also saved me a massive headache by providing banners that were the correct size for all the social media platforms. Great service. Thank you!
Shed 1 Distillery Cumbria
Shed 1 Distillery Cumbria
Many thanks for your help with our gin labels. They look great!
Bruce Crowther
Bruce Crowther
It was a pleasure to work with Russ on designing my book 'Not in My Lifetime - A Fair Trade Campaigner's Journal'. It was the first and likely to be only time to do this and Russ made it easy offering his expertise as well as fully engaging with my own thoughts and being able to offer an 'outside view'. Totally delighted with the final outcome.
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson
Ronald Pritchard
Ronald Pritchard
Russell at Pixel Tweaks hit it off right from our first meeting, after that he has done far more than I ever expected to help my book move forward in the right direction,. In this instance I would not know where to start , so thank you Russel.
Anne Hood
Anne Hood
I am thrilled with the excellent service I have received from Pixel Tweaks. Nothing was too much trouble and Russell walked me through all the necessary processes. I would definitely recommend this company for self publishing and graphic design. I will certainly use them again

Putting all my worries aside Russell walked me through the process of publishing my first book in 2009. Since then I have self-published four books all produced to a high standard. In 2014 one of which was shortlisted for the Lakeland book of the year. I strongly recommend Pixel Tweaks as the first port of call to all those who wish to publish but who like myself might need a guiding hand.

John Nixon

Author, WWII Airfield History Books

Can't praise Russell's help at Pixel Tweaks too highly. Knowledgable and skilled but most of all patient! For the hours he put in helping me with the new website he charged me a very reasonable fee, and I'm delighted with the outcome.

Ruth Sutton

Author, Hoad Press

Pixel Tweaks have designed the layout and book covers for Handstand Press publications for the past few years. Russ Holden is always a pleasure to work with - quickly understanding the brief and producing work of the highest quality. His contribution to the success of Handstand publications has been invaluable.

Liz Nuttall


Russ is the consummate professional, who always goes the extra mile for his authors. He is there to offer support and advice without pressure. Helping rather than leading. He also has a remarkable ability to restore and enhance old photographs.
I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any author who requires the best presentation for any book of any genre that they hope to publish.

Dave Lodge

Author, Celebrity Biographies

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